Eco stationery and all that jazz (product review)

Did you know what Star Wars and corn on the cob have in common? No? I thought not.

It’s a brave new world. We are becoming more conscious and aware of the waste we generate. The landfills are getting full, but we don’t seem to be cutting back on unnecessary consumption anytime soon. There is a new breed of eco-manufacturing companies in the UK willing to reuse waste and give it a new life.

One of these companies me a box of stationery from the Remarkable range which features products made of recycled material, including

– a pencil case made from a car tyre,

– notebooks made of recycled leather,

– rulers and biodegradable pens made from corn on the cob and coloured pencils made from recycled CD cases.


It is apparent that plastic is a new fun-tastic. Everything that we received was shouting HIGH QUALITY about them. Pens and coloured pencils did not smudge, were very well made and survived the wear and tear of many drawing sessions with my son.

He was particularly impressed by the pencil case made of a car tyre. (For the curious ones, you can watch a video and learn how it is manufactured).

Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 15.22.10

And here is how Star Wars comes into the picture. First he had to personalise his drawing pad with stickers and then spend hours on end drawing battles. (How many Princess Leas can you spot in one of them?)


remarkable_pic8It’s great to see that the Remarkable stationery and my son’s learning go hand in hand. He sees in real life what can be done with recycled products and that there is a business opportunity for companies driven by a passion and belief that the environment needs to be treated with love and care. No surprise, that the company secured major contracts with Paperchase and Waitrose.

It definitely helps that the products are so well-made, not just a novelty idea, but are solid, and robust. It makes perfect sense and inspires to recycle plastic more and see what other exciting products this Remarkable company can come up with.

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