Snack time is more fun with LEGO ® (review)

Recently I’ve been asked by STORE to review their LEGO lunchbox sets.

My son jumped for joy! He has a serious obsession with LEGO, which does not seem to go away and will soon take over our house.

So, what did we think of LEGO lunchbox and drinking bottle? My son liked them both, because they still seem to be toys!


For starters, he got really excited and wanted to take lots of photos for my blog. Here is when the LEGO Minifigure Drinking Bottle came alive… Here it says hello.


And here it’s looking out of the window.


He then decided that it was much better to keep them both in his room. That’s how he usually shows that he really likes something.


The Lunchbox has already been road-tested. It had quite a few trips out to pick him up from school packed with yummy and healthy treats. We also tested it to fit in lunch.


I would only say that this requires some precision (or maybe we just like to eat a lot?) I only wish it was a little bit bigger to fit in more food!

My son will be taking his LEGO Drinking Bottle to school next week. It’s still a battle to get him to remember to drink water and stay hydrated, so I hope a cool drinking bottle will do the trick. I’ll update you next time :)

Further information about this range of lunch sets can be found on the STORE website and below.

This new range of LEGO kids clutter busters is part of the ‘back to school’ season. I personally think it’s a genius move for any LEGO-obsessive kids, mums and dads. Apart from lunchbox sets this web-based company offers LEGO storage heads and Giant LEGO Storage Blocks. I happen to have been given a free delivery unique code for anyone who would like to take up this opportunity. Simply go to STORE and enter CUST-2364 at checkout.

Both the lunchbox and the bottle come in 9 lovely colours (Pink, Light Pink, Yellow, Black, Green, Red, Blue, Sky Blue and White). What’s not to like?

7 thoughts on “Snack time is more fun with LEGO ® (review)

  1. Do the boxes stack together like the blocks? And is the plastic sturdy enough to withstand drops to the floor, being bashed about on a regular basis and if washed in hot water? Love the water bottle. Cute idea and not a bad price point for a branded item individually. But buy 2 items together and its probably too much to spend for a kids lunchbox. Maybe as a gift idea.

  2. Hi Peggy, apologies for the radio silence (surviving first few months with a new baby!). Many thanks for very valid points raised in your comment. I only received one box, so wouldn’t know if they stack up, but suspect they should, shouldn’t they *that’s the whole point about Lego*. I will check with STORE and get back to you. And yes, we experimented with ours and confirm that it is made from a very sturdy plastic and can be washed in hot water. I will pass on your comments about the price for 2 items, but suspect it is a small company, so they need to watch their margins, hence the price. More than anything it is a novelty product. My son’s friends were very impressed. And for a true fan of LEGO it is a fantastic present. Bye for now xx

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