Silent Sunday #9 (7.04.13)

Where did all the crabs go?

The sea was clam and lovely today, but we didn’t find any crabs… Where did they all go? Was it too cold for them or they were just too clever and hid from us? Another theory my other half came up is that they hadn’t been born yet.

What’s yours?


Silent Sunday

6 thoughts on “Silent Sunday #9 (7.04.13)

  1. Thanks Katleen! Not easy to explain to a not-very-patient 5 year old the situation. I think he took it quite well. He thought it was too cold for them :) P.S. I really liked your blog and paintings!!

    • Thanks Alexis for posting your question. We crab whenever we get a chance to get to the seaside, mainly in the beautiful Kent in the UK. It has been somewhat tricky to crab with a baby in tow, who just throws himself in the sea, so my eldest didn’t get as many crabbing trips as he wanted. Hopefully next summer there will be many more crabbing expeditions to report :)

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