The funniest Olympic quote

Would you agree our munchkins say the funniest things at the best of times? (My four year old has already invented a “sling shot” sport, which surely will be included in the next Olympics, right?)

Share what they say, a sport they invent, any questions they ask while watching the Olympic games on my Facebook page or just below this post.

We will pick three best quotes and give you a gorgeous brooch by Lady Muck of Whitstable!

Please leave your entries from today (2 Aug, 1pm) until Sunday (12 Aug, 9pm).

We’d love to hear from you and crown you as our funniest Olympic commentators.

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This competition is now closed. We had some real gems, here they are:

* “3 y/o said he didn’t want to watch the Limpets any more! :)”

* “When my 3 yr old saw the men’s cycling road race he suddenly shouted “but that man’s cheating….he’s riding a motor bike!”

* “At the Olympic park watching the live Judo event in the crowds, I was explaining who was the GB contender and to cheer, and he shouted ‘go on Blue!!! And I said, ‘Otis, you are cheering France’, and he said ‘yes but my favourite colour is BLUE mummy!!!’ ha ha ha….not the best place to be cheering for the opposition!!”

* “My two year old daughter on showing her the women’s gymnastics for the first time ‘look Inca, watch how they spin around, so clever isn’t it?’, her response? ‘I can see her bottom!’….what every male is probably thinking verbalised by the innocent! Ha ha!”

* “When my 3 year old heard the national anthem being played during a GB gold medal winning ceremony he said “They’re playing the Queen’s birthday song!”

* “When watching the swimming, my 3 yr old wanted to know how they could swim in the pool while the flags were in the water…it took a bit of explaining about the computer graphics :o)”

* “A 5 y.o. was wondering how the blind runners in the “running races” would know that they have crossed the finish line: does someone tell them they can stop running? Fair enough question, I thought…”

* โ€Ž”Where are they mummy?” In response to cameras filming swimmers under the water. No, I don’t think he believes me even now. Try explaining that to a 2 year old!”

Thanks all mums and a dad for these great entries. It was a tough job to decide who should win. After much debate, we picked Sarah Cosway, Irma-Jane Caggiano and Jacqueline Daniels. Your brooches are on their way to you!

Many thanks again to Frank, Emily, Tina and others for participation! :)

Disclaimer: Lady Muck accessories were purchased by me as a reward for this competition.

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