Give Margate and #PortasPilot a chance

I don’t live in Margate (recently moved to Whitstable), but love both dearly.

The latter does very well from the weekend trade and rents don’t seem to bother local retailers as they shut at 4-5pm regardless of the footfall (much to the frustration of both designer-makers who sell merchandise in these outlets and customers alike).

I believe a change is required in the way we perceive the High street. It needs to offer choice, have charm and an entertainment factor to draw customers in regardless if it sells knick-knacks for tourists or luxury items.

Here are some interesting thoughts from Zoe Murphy who lives and breathes Margate.

And hey, what not to love about Margate? Sandy beaches, Turner Contemporary, quirky shops and an annual biker conference.


The best of luck to Mary Portas & her team in Margate!


4 thoughts on “Give Margate and #PortasPilot a chance

  1. I found the early closing times frustrating to start with as well, but actually, it really helps you to slow down, and take life that little bit easier when things aren’t constantly available and open. The Wednesday closures still catch me out though, even after 5 years in Whitstable. But am fully supportive of Whitstable in its continuous efforts to slow down the rat race. :o)

    • Thanks Jacqueline! I was making a point about the passing trade that is so important for Whitstable and Margate. I came across both consumers and suppliers getting frustrated that shops were shut at 4pm. Shopkeepers in Margate are worried about the cost of the shop rent, which looks like not a problem in Whitstable (thus shorter opening hours). Hope that makes sense :)

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